Online Yoga and Mat Pilates


Enroll in Arch Wellness Studio’s Virtual Yoga and Mat Pilates classes that will help you foster harmony in the mind, body, and environment. Begin your wellness journey in the comfort of your own home.

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Number of Sessions: 12

Consumable in 1 month

Enroll in our online Yoga and Mat Pilates classes that will be held through Zoom. These classes will help you foster harmony in the mind, body, and environment.

Enjoy 12 fruitful online yoga classes that can improve your flexibility, boost your strength, relax your mind, and promote self-care.

Types of Yoga Included

  •  Hatha Yoga - A branch of Yoga that lets your body move slowly and deliberately into each pose. At the same time, focusing more on mindfulness and relaxation.
  • Vinyasa Yoga - This approach allows you to create smooth and fluid movements. It also focuses on your breathing with each transition of your body.
  • Power Yoga  - This branch of Yoga is sometimes called "Gym Yoga." It is more of an intense and powerful workout compared to other types.

Difference of Yoga and Mat Pilates

  • Yoga - This practice focuses more on holding a pose and flowing through different positions. Its core essences are breathing, relaxation, and meditation.
  • Mat Pilates - This is considered more of a workout as it is more fast-paced compared to Yoga. It also prioritizes challenging your core and coordinating your breathing with your body movements.

Join us as our instructors guide you through a journey of wellness with our online Yoga classes.

We also offer in-person classes at our studio in Davao City. Check out the rest of our membership packages here.


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