Arch Wellness Studio - Joy Olimba

Wellness Beyond

We believe in wellness beyond weight, shape, age, or diets. Wellness is a strong and healthy mind and body.

Davao Yoga Studio Classes

Pilates with Joy

Build your core strength and increase flexibility with Joy Olimba on Mat Pilates at Arch Wellness Studio.

Yoga with Bonn

Stretch and strengthen body with Bon on Power and Vinyasa yoga at Arch Wellness Studio.

Yoga with Boyet

Calm your mind and listen to your body with Boyet on Hatha and Vinyasa classes at Arch Wellness Studio!

Commitment to Safety

Our studio and esteemed instructors are committed to providing a safe environment and routines. More than speed or advancement, our focus is on the proper forms and movement that will keep you safe while executing any workout.

Visit or Davao Yoga Studio at Gemini St, Dona Vicenta.


Our Garden Cafe

Enjoy the relaxing ambience while waiting for your class in our garden cafe.


Have a cup of coffee or tea with your friends. Fresh shakes and juices are also availabe for healthy refreshments.


Feed your body with our cakes, pasta and sandwiches with healthy alternatives for those on a diet.

Online classes now available.

Can’t go to our studio? We have online classes that allow you to still practice yoga and mat pilates in the comfort of your own home!